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Wellness toolkit

We created this wellness toolkit with our members and providers in mind. The kit is just another way for PerformCare to share with you the importance of healthy living. Not only does healthy living keep you well, it also aids in your recovery.

Here's how to get the most out of the wellness toolkit:

  • The toolkit is organized into eight specific subjects for self-improvement
  • You can choose which subjects you want to learn about, or choose them all
  • You can read at your own pace and set your own goals
  • The toolkit contains tips, exercises and resources to help keep track of your goals

Here's how to get started: 

  • Start with the Introduction section first. This prepares you to get the most out of the kit.
  • Page two of the Introduction contains the Table of Contents, where you can pick the wellness subjects that you're interested in.
  • Page four of the introduction has a place where you can write down your personal goals
  • You can print out the sections that you want and take them with you for easy access

Wellness toolkit

We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions that you have about the tool kit. You can email us here, or call us by viewing  the member contact information for your area.