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Care Coordination

Care coordination between two or more Providers is essential for good Member care and continuous treatment. High-quality referrals ensure Members transition smoothly from one level of care to another. Accountability and relationship-building are vital for good care coordination among mental health hospitals, targeted Case Managers, residential treatment facilities, and other community mental health outpatient Providers.

PerformCare surveys Providers annually for their input on care coordination annually. We look for opportunities to improve so Members can benefit from safe, effective, and timely Member-centered coordination.

The 2018 surveys are closed. Results coming soon.

2017 Care coordination survey results

The total number of participants was 121, which was similar to the 2016 year survey. There were a few changes to the survey, including:

  • Separate surveys for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Inpatient.
  • Focused additional questions on collaboration and coordination.
  • Changed scoring technique to improve validity.
  • Two new questions about discharge planning.

Overall, there were small improvements in the results related to Providers believing they received sufficient, accurate, and timely information at the time of a Member’s admission. (See 2016 for definitions of each of these areas.) A few new questions were added in the 2017 survey related to coordinating Provider to Provider and from Provider to PerformCare.

There is still need for improvement in both of these areas, which could impact the Member’s treatment plan, care, and discharge planning. PerformCare encourages all Providers to contact Member Services and ask to speak with a Clinical Care Manager if there are any questions concerning treatment, resources, or best practices.

PerformCare plans to outreach to several levels of care this year to talk about barriers to good coordination and ways to reduce coordination issues. Your input is always valued and the survey will be repeated each year.

This table (PDF) indicates the percentage of Providers who scored the question as either 100 percent – 91 percent of the time or 90 percent – 81 percent of the time. The goal was a score of 81 percent or better.

2016 care coordination survey results