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Satisfaction surveys

To understand how well we meet the needs of our members and providers, PerformCare surveys are conducted annually to measure member and provider satisfaction. The survey process and reports are completed by Polk-Lepson Research Group, Inc. Individual reports of full surveys can be requested from the PerformCare Quality Improvement department.

Provider satisfaction surveys

The provider survey is the CHCS (Center for Health Care Strategies) Clinical and Administrative Provider Satisfaction Survey – 38 items for clinical staff; 15 items for administrative staff. The areas investigated in the survey are:

  • Clinical
  • Service authorization
  • Quality
  • Provider relations
  • Member services/care management
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Administrative
  • Service authorization
  • Claims
  • Provider relations
  • Complaints and grievances


2016 TRR surveys

PerformCare values provider feedback regarding our treatment record review (TRR) process. For 2016, we are seeking feedback from our mental health providers on the Crisis Plan section of the TRR tool, and from our substance use providers regarding the Relapse Prevention Plan section. Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback so we can determine if changes are needed to these sections. The survey will review each indicator in the section and will allow you to give feedback on each indicator. We will be closing these surveys on Thursday, March 31. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Member satisfaction surveys

The member survey tool is the Experience of Care and Health Outcomes Survey (ECHOTM), Managed Behavioral Health Organization version 3.0H, standard items plus additional supplemental items. Both English- and Spanish-language versions are made available to members. The survey tool focuses on satisfaction with the providers who deliver services as well as how well PerformCare provides its services. Adult and child/adolescent results are analyzed separately.

Member satisfaction topics investigated in the study include:

  • Ability to receive counseling or treatment as wanted
  • Counseling or treatment experiences
  • Information received
  • Experiences with company handling benefits for counseling or treatment
  • Reasons for counseling or treatment
  • Background information for client

Analysis is broken down into major categories such as:

  • Research design
  • Major findings
  • Counseling and treatment
  • Benefits
  • Reasons for counseling
  • Profile of respondents