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Provider profiling

PerformCare conducts Provider Profiling to collect and trend deliverable data on Provider performance. Our overall intent is to improve the quality of care PerformCare Members receive. We encourage Providers to closely review and use this information  to help inform areas of future development.

How PerformCare chooses Provider Profiling measures

Performance measures are chosen specifically based on the level(s) of care included in the report. The reports are designed to emphasize a straight-forward and easy-to-understand presentation that is useful for everyone. Performance goals for certain measures are established based on regulations, standards, or best practices for the specific measure and level of care. Some of the measures included in the reports are incorporated for trending purposes, with a goal established at a later date. Additionally, some measures are included for informational purposes for Providers with an end goal to improve Member care.

Report frequency

PerformCare delivers Provider Profiling reports twice a year. The Provider Profiling Mid-Year Report is distributed in July, and includes data from the first two quarters of the fiscal year. The Provider Profiling Year-End Report is distributed in January and provides data from the entire fiscal year.

Provider Profiling reports