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Training and Education

PerformCare is committed to supporting our providers by offering ongoing behavioral health training and education opportunities.

The following trainings and materials are available to you:

Upcoming events

Recovery and Person-Centered Care Webinar

June 27
We strongly encourage our network Providers to attend this webinar to learn about ways to support Members in recovery from mental health and substance use disorders and to discuss the importance of providing person-centered care.

Learn more about Recovery and Person-Centered Care Webinar.

Capital Area Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) CANS Certification Trainings

June 28 and 29
PerformCare invites all Capital-area behavioral health rehabilitative services (BHRS) Providers and BioPsychoSocial evaluators to join us on June 28 or June 29 for an in-person training about the online CANS DataPool.

Learn more and register for BHRS Cans certification training.

Act 31 training

PerformCare would like to remind all applicable providers of the need to complete a board-approved Act 31 child abuse recognition and reporting training.

Learn more and register for Act 31 child abuse recognition and reporting training.