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You now have access to PerformCare transactions via NaviNet

Login to Navinet.

NaviNet gives members of your team access to information that is complete and accurate — making it easy for your care teams to share, access, and act on important tasks. NaviNet has useful administrative tools that help streamline and enhance processes around prior authorization, approvals, and requests.

NaviNet resources

Getting started in NaviNet

Just select PerformCare from your list of available health plans to access the following transactions:

  • Eligibility and benefits.
  • Claims status inquiry.
  • Claim submissions.
  • Direct link to pre-authorization requests (Jiva).
  • Forms and dashboards.

NaviNet security officers

If you have staff who are not using NaviNet today who would benefit from having access to PerformCare on this platform, follow these instructions to add new users to NaviNet.

About NaviNet

NaviNet is a robust health care communications network that incorporates administrative, clinical, and financial applications into one simplified and unified office workflow. Using NaviNet helps your office spend less time on paperwork and more time focusing on more important things, such as the care you provide to your patients.