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Training opportunities for staff

PerformCare is pleased to support our network providers' efforts to acquire relevant training for staff serving PerformCare's Members. PerformCare will provide a limited number of stipends to approved network providers' staff to attend training on selected topics. Participants will need to gain prior approval for the training from PerformCare to be eligible for the stipend reimbursement. Participants will need to register, attend the entire duration of the training and submit the training's attendance voucher to be reimbursed by PerformCare.

PerformCare will consider the following training topics for stipend reimbursement: Although all trainings in the topic areas will be considered, please note the special topic areas that are suggested:


  • Sanctuary Model, WRAP
  • Measuring fidelity of the program's recovery initiatives
  • Best practice treatment options that incorporate recovery
  • Trauma Informed Treatment


  • Evidence Based Treatments
  • Co-Occurring treatment needs for children and adolescents

Autism spectrum disorders

  • Functional Behavioral Assessments for qualifying staff
  • Integrated services
  • Measuring outcomes of treatment
  • Best practice treatment options

Requests for funding:

  • To request funding please fill out the education reimbursement request form (PDF).
  • Submit a copy of the training's description with the form.
  • PerformCare will honor requests on a first come first serve basis. (Funds are capped).
  • One PerformCare funded training per person for all trainings, with the exception of the Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional required trainings.
  • Actual amount of reimbursement will be determined by cost and availability of funds.
  • PerformCare reserves the right to distribute funding equitably throughout our Provider Network that may limit the number of requests approved for each Provider.
  • All training dollars are from administrative funds and do not effect dollars for treatment of Members.
  • Submit application and completed W-9 BY MAIL or FAX to:

ATTN: QI Dept.
Education Reimbursement Request
8040 Carlson Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112
Fax: 1-717-671-6571