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At PerformCare, community and family involvement is important to us. This kind of involvement makes it possible for us to provide the quality services that families need. There are several committees that work to improve the way PerformCare operates:

Level II Grievance Committee (L2GC)  

Committee members attend Level II grievances filed by PerformCare Members when services are denied or changed. Each member listens to grievances and participates with other committee Members in rendering a decision to uphold the grievance or overturn the decision. Participants are contacted for hearings as they are needed.

Quality Improvement/Utilization Management Committee (QI/UM )

Committee members addresses quality issues within PerformCare. This group oversees the Quality Improvement Work Plan and is involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the quality improvement program.

Special Work Groups

These groups are called upon to do a particular task. Tasks vary, and they meet as needed.

Stakeholder Steering Committee (SSC)

This group provides vital feedback to PerformCare regarding HealthChoices and how this program and PerformCare are doing. A voice from the community to PerformCare and a voice to the community from PerformCare. The

The Stakeholder Steering Committee seeks to help PerformCare improve services to Members. It also provides information to the community about HealthChoices and PerformCare. The SSC meets at least quarterly and sometimes more frequently for special meetings.

If you have questions, please call the member services contact number for your region or write us at:

Attention: Manager of Consumer and Family Affairs
8040 Carlson Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112