Connecting Physical Health and Behavioral Health

Integrated Care Plan Program

Many PerformCare members who suffer from depression, anxiety, and alcohol or substance dependencies are the same as those who battle diseases like diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. We believe physical, emotional, and behavioral health are all linked, and improving one aspect of a member's health is beneficial to the entirety of their well-being.

That’s why we work closely with physical health managed care organizations (MCOs) to better tend to our members' needs. The Integrated Care Plan Program is especially helpful for members with both chronic physical health issues and ongoing behavioral health needs. Whether our members have physical health care coverage through AmeriHealth Caritas or another MCO, members who agree to join this program can benefit from the work we accomplish together.

Please connect members with PerformCare Member Services if you believe they would benefit from this collaborative approach to integrated care.

How the program works

With members' consents, we begin to work with their physical health MCO Care Manager to help ensure they get the best care by sharing the same care plan.

Our focus is on wellness and recovery, with a goal to connect members with resources in their community. We work together to make sure members get the right kind of services to fit their needs and get the right amount of care. At times, we may call the member to check on their health.

If you have a member who would benefit from and would like to be a part of this program, please contact PerformCare Member Services to connect with a Care Manager.

Other ways PerformCare connects physical and behavioral health 

  • Treatment record reviews: We review your behavioral health treatment records for coordination and collaboration with the primary care provider (PCP). Many of our members’ behavioral health medications are prescribed through their PCP. Coordination between behavioral health providers and the PCP is paramount to ensuring good continuity of care. Most levels of care are monitored for this standard. 
  • Mobile psychiatric nursing: Members who have complex medical conditions and serious persistent mental illness have nurses visit them in their homes. Nurses review medications and medical conditions and help members work on recovery-oriented goals. 
  • Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs): At FQHCs, members are treated medically and by a behavioral health provider who sees members for their mental health needs. This makes treatment more convenient, and coordination between the PCP and the behavioral health provider even more successful.
  • Member education: We make health and wellness education easily available to members through health care self-management tips, a wellness toolkit aimed at self-improvement, information on prevention programs, and more.

Natural supports toolkits

These toolkits help natural supports of individuals with a behavioral health illness understand the link between physical and behavioral health.

Natural supports can be family members, such as spouses, parents or guardians, friends, partners, neighbors, and paid helpers. Natural supports play a key role in the support of people with a behavioral health illness.