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Self-Management Tools

Do you have a question about a disease? Do you want information on a specific health topic? How about advice and tips to help you stay healthy? Our self-management tools section has all of the above — and more. Choose a topic and learn.

recovery thumbnail Recovery The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration works to reduce the impact of substance use and mental illness on communities nationwide. Check out the services and resources SAMHSA offers on recovery, bullying, suicide and other important topics. Building self-esteem (PDF) Making and keeping friends (PDF) Recovery and wellness lifestyle (PDF) Speaking out for yourself (PDF) Action planning for prevention and recovery (PDF) Connect to SAMHSA Blogs (PDF) SAMHSA shared decision making (PDF)
children thumbnail Children and Youth Mental health is an important part of a child’s health. It can affect how a child thinks, feels, and acts. Children need sound mental health to succeed in school, at home, and in the community. Understanding a child’s behavior and helping them cope with emotions is very important in their development. These resources can help guide you through many topics. Autism Bullying(PDF) Kids Health Childhood obesity Parenting tips What You Need to Know to Help Your Child Deal with ADHD
mental health thumbnail Mental Health Disorders and Screening Tools The first step to understanding and taking action to treat a mental health disorder is to learn its typical symptoms.

Mental health screenings are the easiest and quickest way to decide what you are thinking and feeling is a true mental health disorder. The screening tools are only the first step. Follow up with a therapist or psychiatrist for a true diagnosis.
Anxiety Bipolar Depression La depresión Schizophrenia Substance Use Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Screening tools for Depression, Substance and anxiety
trauma thumbnail Trauma Trauma is an emotional reaction to a terrible event. Trauma can affect and a person’s feelings, emotions, body reactions. It can interfere with how a person functions at home, school, and work.

Learn how to deal with trauma and get the resources you need.
Dealing with trauma (PDF) Domestic Violence La violencia doméstica
mental health topics thumbnail Mental Health Related Articles Sleep, medications safety, stress, and other related topics can affect our mental health well-being and ability to remain stable. Take care of yourself and find ways to cope with everyday mental health symptoms with help from these articles. Wellness toolkit Discharge planning (PDF) How to talk to your psychiatrist Medication safety tips Sleep Stress Smoking cessation Suicide Prevention Awareness

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