Behavioral Health FAQs

How are services provided?

Physical health care

  • Capital Area (Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Perry counties) and Franklin-Fulton region: The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, through the HealthChoices program, contracts with several managed care health plans that provide physical health care to those who are eligible for Medical Assistance. These health plans include AmeriHealth Caritas, Gateway Health Plan, and other plans.

Behavioral health care

PerformCare is a behavioral health managed care organization. In the Capital Area and Franklin-Fulton region, PerformCare is the managed care organization (MCO) responsible for managing mental health and substance use services.

How do I get services?

Members get services if they are enrolled in HealthChoices. You can get these services by:

  • Going to any provider in PerformCare's network and asking for services.
  • Contacting the Crisis Intervention in your county.
  • Getting help through your county's mental health, intellectual disabilities, or substance use program.
  • Calling PerformCare directly and asking for behavioral health services.

If you have problems getting the services you need, view our member contact information and call us. Our Member Services staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Who do I contact to get services?

PerformCare has a large provider network that provides services to HealthChoices members. This network contains many different behavioral health care people and places where members can get the behavioral health services that are included in their plan benefits.

Our members can call us with any questions or visit the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services HealthChoices website.

I am a Medical Assistance (MA) recipient. How do I enroll in HealthChoices?

HealthChoices has an enrollment assistance program, selected by the Department of Human Services. This program has enrollment specialists who help MA recipients select a physical health managed care organization (PH-MCO). They can also help with access to the behavioral health MCO (BH-MCO) and mental health services.

If you are eligible for MA assistance, contact an enrollment specialist to help you enroll in a managed care program:

Capital Area and Franklin-Fulton Region: Enrollment Services: 1-800-440-3989 (TTY 1-800-618-4225).

You can also visit to learn about enrolling in a HealthChoices plan.