Find a Provider

As a PerformCare member, you have a network of providers ready to take care of you. Your providers are our partners in care. We work as a team to look after you and your family.

Use the tools below to find behavioral health care providers who accept Medical Assistance as part of the PerformCare HealthChoices network.

Specialized children's services

For some children's services, you may need to visit a provider approved for the county where you live.

See a printable list of intensive behavioral health services (IBHS) providers by county. IBHS agencies that provide applied behavior analysis (ABA) for children with autism spectrum disorders are also noted on these forms.

See a printable list of family-based mental health services (FBMHS) providers by county.

Search our provider directory to find a PerformCare provider in the behavioral health HealthChoices program. You can search for these types of providers and more:

  • Psychiatrists.
  • Therapists.
  • Mental health and substance use outpatient clinics.
  • Outpatient Open Access.
  • Mental health inpatient services.
  • Substance use rehabilitation.

PerformCare collects data about our providers for each level of care. We use that data to compare providers in our network. See the latest reports to help choose a provider.

Have questions?

If the provider directory is not available, or if you need help finding a provider or service, please contact the Member Services number for your county 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  • Capital Area: 1-888-722-8646.
  • Franklin and Fulton counties: 1-866-773-7917.
  • TTY/TDD: 1-800-654-5984 or PA Relay 711.