Outpatient Open Access

Open access means that a provider of either substance use or mental health services has walk-in availability on a first-come, first-served basis, so that scheduling an appointment is not needed. Generally this appointment includes an intake (information gathering), and then either an initial appointment with a therapist or scheduling for therapy.

In some cases an appointment with a psychiatrist may be scheduled following the intake, but this is not a guarantee, and not all providers offer psychiatry as part of open access. Open access is different than traditional outpatient treatment, where there is an appointment time to see a therapist or psychiatrist.

If immediate medication refills are needed, open access is not the appropriate appointment for having this need met. For members who need prescriptions for medications, we encourage collaboration with other treatment team members (such as a case manager) to ensure that members can receive medications in a timely fashion. If immediate assistance with obtaining medications is necessary, please contact Member Services for support.

If you are interested in pursuing open access, PerformCare encourages you to contact the provider of your choice below to determine the locations, days, and hours they are offering open access services. You should also ask what information should be taken to the appointment (generally this would include insurance cards, medication lists, and recent treatment information).

Open access providers

Addiction Recovery Systems (ARS) of Pennsylvania in Cumberland County (substance use services):

  • 1-717-761-4500.

Community Services Group in Lancaster County:

  • 1-877-907-7970, ext. 50014.

Franklin Family Services in Franklin and Cumberland counties:

  • 1-717-267-1515.

Mazzitti and Sullivan in Cumberland and Dauphin counties (substance use services):

  • 1-717-590-7607 (Mechanicsburg office).
  • 1-717-901-5652 (Harrisburg office).
  • 1-717-534-1650 (Hershey office).

Merakey in Dauphin and Cumberland counties:

  • 1-717-238-7662 (Dauphin County).
  • 1-717-243-6033 (Cumberland County).

Pyramid Healthcare in Franklin County (both substance use and mental health services):

  • 1-717-261-9100 or 1-717-809-2088.

Wellspan Philhaven in Lancaster, Lebanon, and Dauphin counties:

  • 1-717-273-8871.

White Deer Run New Perspectives in Lebanon County (substance use level of care assessments):

  • 1-717-978-0103.