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Smoking Cessation

PerformCare offers tobacco cessation counseling and services to all members without referrals or prior authorization. We value our members overall wellbeing, and that's why we offer tobacco cessation medications, including gum and patches, and counseling services for no co-pay.

Please view the Member Services contact number for your county. They will provide you with names of providers in your area who can offer counseling.

You can also call the Pennsylvania Free Quitline at 1-800-784-8669 or download the CDC's free QuitGuide mobile app. Smokers who try to quit using support and self-help advice are almost twice as likely to succeed compared to those who try to quit on their own. If you have trouble quitting smoking, call the Quitline or use the app for advice and support to help kick your tobacco addiction. You can also sign up online for personal coaching now.

Additional resources: