Satisfaction Surveys

PerformCare conducts annual member and provider satisfaction surveys to understand how well we meet member and provider needs. Consumer and Family Satisfaction Team surveys are also conducted to gather more information from members about their satisfaction with services they received. The surveys are conducted separately.

Member satisfaction survey

PerformCare conducts annual member satisfaction surveys to determine how well we meet member needs and to assess member experience with services funded through PerformCare. The surveys are modified versions of the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems' (CAHPS®) Experience of Care and Health Outcomes (ECHO®) Survey. Different versions are used for adults and children. PerformCare contracts with SPH Analytics for the data collection and analysis.

The topics explored in the member satisfaction survey include:

  • Comfort with counseling or treatment.
  • Getting treatment quickly.
  • Health promotion and education.
  • How well clinicians communicate.
  • Member-centered care.
  • Perceived improvement.
  • PerformCare involvement with counseling or treatment.

We hold a webinar each year to review the results of the member satisfaction surveys. You can review our archives of PerformCare presentations.

Consumer and Family Satisfaction Team (C/FST) surveys

The purpose of the HealthChoices C/FST program is to determine whether PerformCare members (child, adolescent, and adult) and their families are satisfied with PerformCare and the services they received. It also helps ensure that problems related to service access, delivery, outcomes, recovery, and resiliency are identified and resolved in a timely manner.

C/FST survey information is primarily gathered through face-to-face interviews with PerformCare members and their families. The surveys are completed by external agencies contracted by each primary contractor in the region they represent.

PerformCare receives responses from the C/FST programs, which identify strengths, opportunities, and areas where initiatives could improve outcomes for PerformCare members. In addition to other areas of focus, there are three areas of focus that all C/FST programs use in assessing member satisfaction related to services within the PerformCare provider network.

In accordance with Appendix L of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services HealthChoices Behavioral Health Program, Program Standards and Requirements, findings related to these three particular areas of focus are captured by the following three survey questions. The established benchmark is a 90 percent satisfaction rating.

  • In the last 12 months, were you able to get the help you needed?
  • Were you given the chance to make treatment decisions?
  • What effect has the treatment you received had on the quality of your life?

Provider satisfaction surveys

The HealthChoices Program Standards and Requirements (PSR) requires primary contractors, or the behavioral health care-managed care organization (BH-MCO) or subcontractor, to assess provider satisfaction through an annual provider satisfaction survey. The areas addressed by the survey must include (at a minimum): claims processing, provider relations, credentialing, authorizations, service management, and quality management. PerformCare also adds a few categories to ensure capture of the provider's experiences with PerformCare.

PerformCare conducts provider satisfaction surveys for the Capital Area and Franklin and Fulton counties. An additional provider survey is also conducted by Capital Area Behavioral Health (CABHC) for Capital Area providers. PerformCare reviews all surveys and reports findings, results, and plans for future directions at the Quality Improvement-Utilization Management Committee meetings, and includes this information in the annual program evaluation.