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February 19–25

February 20, 2017
Register today for our March 8 Crisis Plan Training webinar and Relapse Prevention Plan Training webinar.
Capital-area counties 2017 Summer Therapeutic Activities Program (STAP) pre-meeting registration is now open.

February 12–18

February 18, 2017
Our schedule of upcoming events is now available in the training and education section.

February 15, 2017
BHRS 17 101: Initial BHRS Authorization Monitoring Process (PDF) is now available.

January 29 - February 4

February 3, 2017
Critical Incident Report (PDF), Report of Restraint or Seclusion (PDF), and QI-CIR-001: Critical Incident Reporting (PDF) are now available.

January 22–28

January 24, 2017
OMHSAS-16-12: Peer Support Services – Revised  (PDF) is available.
Provider Preventable Conditions  (PDF) is now available.