Your Privacy

Privacy and confidentiality

PerformCare takes your privacy very seriously. There are state and federal laws we must follow to safeguard your privacy. PerformCare employees, along with certain state and county government representatives who monitor the quality and delivery of your services, may have access to your medical records.

We do not give out information about your treatment to anyone without your written approval. The only exception is in the event of a life-threatening emergency. Then, certain information may be shared to be sure that you and other people are safe.

We will not let anyone else see information about the care you receive if you don’t want us to.

When does PerformCare share information about me?

  • When necessary to arrange your treatment or payment, or to facilitate the basic health care operations of PerformCare.
  • If it is required by your county or the state to monitor the activities of PerformCare.
  • If you or someone else could get hurt.
  • When you provide your written permission.

What if I have more questions about this?

If you would like more detailed information about how we respect your confidentiality, call PerformCare toll free for your county or area.

Capital Area (Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Perry counties)

  • 1-888-722-8646.

NorthCentral Region (Franklin and Fulton counties)

  • 1-866-773-7917 — Franklin and Fulton counties

You can also view PerformCare's full notice of Privacy Practices (PDF) in English or Spanish (PDF).