Help for Victims of Crime

Pennsylvania has a program that provides money to help victims of crime recover some of their expenses or financial losses. It's called the Victims Compensation Assistance Program or VCAP. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you could qualify for VCAP.

You may not have to pay for some bills related to the crime or could be reimbursed for money that you've already spent — expenses like hospital, doctor, and prescription bills, or relocation expenses like moving bills or utility hook-up fees. You may even claim child-care expenses if injuries prevent you from caring for your children. If there are things you can't do because of injuries, like not being able to work or taking care of your home, you may be able to claim those losses or expenses. Things like counseling and transportation costs can also be covered.

You may qualify for VCAP if the crime occurred in Pennsylvania, you have at least $100 in expenses or bills and you filed a Protection from Abuse Petition or contacted authorities within 72 hours of the incident.

For more information about the VCAP program and how you may qualify, contact your local domestic violence program. Their phone number is listed in the phone book blue pages under abuse or you can ask your doctor for help in getting the number. Domestic violence advocates who work in the program can help you find out if you are eligible.

Knowing that bills are paid may help you make different choices to keep you and your family safe or give you some peace of mind.

If something about your relationship scares you and you need to talk, call us.

National Domestic Violence Hotline:
1-800-799-SAFE (7233) (TTY 1-800-787-3224)

Help is available in English and Spanish and many other languages. All contact with the hotline is free and confidential.