Domestic Violence Hurts Everyone

Domestic violence spares no one, especially children who hear and witness it or are targets. Living in a home where one parent uses violence against the other places children at risk for emotional and behavioral problems. They may feel confused, wet the bed, be unable to sleep, have trouble in school, or blame themselves for the violence.

If something about your relationship scares you or you are worried about your children and you need to talk, you can get help by calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

If you are abusing your family or loved one, you should know that domestic violence is a crime and that you could lose your children, friends, home, and job if it doesn't stop. Did you know that boys who witness the abuse of their mothers may be at greater risk for becoming men who batter in adulthood than boys from homes free of violence? There is no excuse for your behavior.

If you are abusing your loved ones, it is important to get information about how you can get help for your behavior by calling the National Hotline.