Can Increasing Physical Activity Decrease Smoking Urges?

Cravings are one of the hardest parts about quitting smoking. Did you know that just going for a walk or a jog can help you get rid of the urge to smoke?

Exercise can be a key tool in the battle to give up smoking. It also has many other health benefits.

Here are just a few of the ways that exercise can help reduce your urge to smoke:

  • Get rid of stress
    Many people use smoking as a way to deal with stress. Exercise can drop your stress level and help you feel happy and calm. If you stop stress and other things that make you want to smoke, it will be easier to quit smoking for good.
  • Wait out cravings
    Most smoking cravings only last for a few minutes at a time. Exercise can help take your mind off the urge to smoke until it has gone away. Going for a walk or a jog can be a big help in stopping the urge to smoke.
  • Change your daily routine
    Smoking urges are often tied to the things you do every day. A new activity or hobby can be a good way to change your daily routine. This can help you avoid the regular triggers that lead to smoking urges.